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Villa Azure
Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The Cyclades group of islands is a very special place. The environment can be anything from pleasant and hospitable to extremely hot and windy.

It's been populated since 5000BC, making it one of the earliest complex of islands inhabited in history.

Because of that, the people living on these amazing pieces of land have adapted to their environment perfectly. Their houses have been developed and perfected thousands of years ago.Proof of that can be found here, on the very island of Santorini, at the Acrotiri archeological site, where an ancient town created before 2000BC and it is outstandingly preserved. The houses and buildings there are three stories high! The peoples of Cyclades knew their job from early on!

This is how our villa is built!

The house is a two floor, 4 bedroom traditional Cycladic home.

More than half of the building is underground hence it is called an hyposcafon, literally meaning below the surface. There are two benefits with this technique. One the surface needed for the size of this house is minimal, taking advantage of the stiff inclination of the caldera. Secondly and fore mostly it protects the guests from extreme weather, making the environment inside always pleasant.

Other than that, the house is built to the highest standards spearing nothing for comfort.

Guests will enjoy a traditional Cyclades house with the most modern services and amenities.

Azure Villa Exterior
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